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Supersock Merino

Cheryl Potter and her company uniquely hand-paint and dye luxurious, fine & exotic yarns. Using domestic and imported natural and blended fibers they create breathtaking colorways that are a sheer pleasure to knit with.

This yarn 100% Merino yarn that is machine washable, but that's not what will make you fall in love with this yarn. The first comment everyone has, is, "It's so soft and feels so silky, it just glides through my fingers!" It also has a wonderful drape that makes it sumptuous for a lacy shawl or sweater. Any pattern that calls for 4 Ply yarn will look and feel wonderful in this yarn.

The colors reflect the artistry and true passion Cheryl possesses for her amazing craft. Like any piece of art, you will always have favorites but you can't help appreciating all of them. The silky sheen in this yarn brings the more subtle strands of the yarn to the surface and makes them pop to life.

Needle size calls for 2-3 US but sometimes I like to use a size 1 for socks. I recommend everyone try their own gauge.

• 100% merino wool • Gauge 6.5 sts / 1 "
• Machine Wash • 420 yds / 4 oz - 4 Ply Wt

• Needle Size 2-3 US

• $22.00 hank Now 20% off $17.60 hank *
*NOTE: One hank makes a pair of socks
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