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Lucy Neatby - Double Knitting Delight
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Welcome to Double Knitting:
- Introduction
- What is Double Knitting?
- How we create two layers

Knitting Tubes on Straight Needles With a Single Yarn
- Even-number stocking stitch
- Identifying the two layers
- Diagram of single yarn tubular fabric
- Even-number reverse stocking stitch
- The slipurl!
- Mixing knits and purls
- Opening the tube and binding-off
- Odd stitch numbers
- Fixing snags and dividing the layers
- Single layers back to double fabric
- Comparison of single and double-knit gauges
- What is going on?
- Casting on for an open-ended tube

DK Compatible Cast-On Methods
- Tubular with two colours
- Tubular with one yarn (beginning with a knit)
- Tubular with one yarn (beginning with a purl)
- Long-tail

DK Compatible Bind-Off Methods
- Condensed
- Tubular (beginning with a knit stitch)
- Completing an open fabric

- Increases in a single yarn tube
- Increases in a two yarn fabric
- Decreases in a single yarn tube
- Decreases in a two yarn fabric

Circles Within Circles
- One yarn, connected circles
- Two yarns, unconnected circles
- Two yarns and stripes
- Circular double-knitting diagram

Double Knitting and Ribbing are Cousins!
- Ribbing across to seal
- Using rib to set up double-knitting

From Single to Double Fabric
- Slip raised increase (for Far ahead of Near)
- Slip then increase (for Near ahead of Far)
- Using two hands to make the SRI
- Knit and purl increase

From Double Fabric to Single
- Near ahead of Far (ssk)
- Reorganizing your stitches
- Far ahead of Near (k2tog)

Pockets and Patches
- Establishing a straight pocket
- Pocket Row 1
- Pocket Row 2
- Pocket Row 3
- Pocket Row 4
- Continuing the pocket
- Completing the pocket
- Diagram of pocket row sequence
- Diagram of pocket in the round

Two Yarns, Two Sides, Two Hands!
- A different colour on each side - one yarn at a time
- Straight or dpns?
- Both yarns in the right hand
- Connecting the sides
- One yarn in each hand and prettying up the edges
- Both yarns in the left hand

Edges and Ends
- Edge stitch tweaks!
- Detail of Doubly Delicious Scarf
- Dealing with ends
- Fixing errors

Colour Patterning and Quilting
- Negative-positive patterning
- Diagram of yarn paths
- Connecting layers without changing the colour
- Structure of the patterned fabric
- Quilting - Near ahead of Far
- Quilting - Far ahead of Near
- Getting stuffed

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