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Lucy Neatby - Sock Techniques 2
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- Bind-Off Methods
- Preparation for Sewn Tubular Bind -Off and simulated round knitting (p.121)
- Sewing the Tubular Bound-off edge
- Looking at the tubular edge
- Conversion of 2 x 2 to 1 x 1 rib

Cast-On Methods
- Channel Island (p.108)
- Channel Island and Long Tail Diagrams
- Provisional Crochet Cast-On Removing the Provisional edge (p.110)
- Giant stitch demonstration of the tubular edge
- The finished Tubular edge
- Tubular 1 x 1 rib with waste yarn (p.110)
- Tubular 2 x 2 rib with waste yarn (p.110)
Conversion of 1 x 1 to 2 x 2

Cuffs and Edgings for Top-Down Socks
- Sideways Garter St explanation (p.51)
- Sideways Garter St, preparing the cuff (p.51)
- Sideways Garter St, joining the cuff (p.51)

Inserted Heels
- Description of Garter Stitch Short-Row and Turkish
- Calculating the placement of inserted heels (for Garter Stitch Short-Row or Turkish)
- Garter Stitch Short Row Heel
- Decrease section (includes weaving in the tail of the heel yarn, garter stitch short rows, use of parking
needles) (p.25)
- Increase section
- The final heel row
- Close-up of finished heel
- Turkish Heel (aka Peasant or Afterthought Heel)
- Setting in the Waste Yarnn (p.34)
- Picking up stitches and opening the heel gap
- Knitting the Turkish Heel

Miscellaneous But Useful
- Circular Suture (p.115)
- Phoney Duplicate stitch (p.115)
- Neatening the Cast-On joggle
- Wraps per inch (W.P.I.) (p.10)
- Running Yarn Marker (p.113)
- Right-slanting increase (raised increase)
- Hills and valleys

Toe-Up Toes : Bosnian
- Bosnian Toe Square - giant yarn demonstration (p.29)
- Creating the toe square (p.29)
- Working the foot

Toe-Up Toes : Garter Stitch Short Row
- Decrease section (p.44)
- Increase section
- Setting up into the round

Toe-Up Toes : Stocking Stitch Short Row
- Decrease section (p.65)
- Smoothing rows
- Increase section

Turning and Facing Rounds
- Planning your Facing (p.33)
- Picot Turning round (p.34)
- Fusing the facing to the sock
- Rib with double turning round

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